We are Freedome-1 Pty Ltd

Are you tired of instability, volatility and insecurity with your current financial situation?

Are you consistently earning a 5% return per week?

“What if there was a RELIABLE MONEY POOL to tap into, that can give you
FINANCIAL SECURITY... would you look at it?

It may be untraditional – but it is EASY and it makes SENSE...

The Choice Is Yours

Short Term Liquid Income Account
You may choose to withdraw a weekly, fortnightly or monthly income
out of your account – your funds really are liquid to you!
Build Your Account Through Compounding
You may keep all of your funds in your account at all times and keep
building to a high annual return.

Enjoy Ultimate Financial Freedom

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So how do you build prosperity?

There are no miracle solutions.
Perseverance and commitment are time honoured concepts – but you need
more in this day and age.

Who We Are

Our Credentials

The secret to our EXPERT SELECTION TEAM’S accuracy and consistency, is their many years experience in the thoroughbred industry which makes them privy to confidential on-track information that the average punter has not got access to. Your peace of mind is assured knowing you are dealing with professionals who put accountability and corporate integrity above all else. Good old fashioned honesty has put us where we are today.

Once you have joined our unique membership club, our company absolutely pride ourselves on our ELITE CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM. You are never alone and you can be assured of a delightful and professional customer service experience at all times. No problem is too big or too small. A friendly voice is only a phone call away.


Our Role

Confidence is your guarantee. After all, your financial future shouldn’t be left in the hands of novices.
With our assistance, you are empowered to make the most of every opportunity… take advantage of a unique opportunity.


Our Pledge

We are a multi-national company, constantly developing new and innovative concepts to meet our client’s diverse requirements. Our history is our future and your success is also our success. No one can predict the future. We don’t pretend to. We don’t make outlandish, wild or exaggerated claims – our accomplishments to date speak for themselves.

Testimonials: Here's what our members are saying

We are fully dedicated to Members. When you become a member of Freedome-1 Pty Ltd, there is no need to worry about customer support. We do all the work for you, freeing you up to do what you love. Check out what our members are saying about us!

These guys are the real deal, what I love most is how hands free the whole thing is, I don’t even like horse racing. Go figure, never even watched a race in my life, now it pays for my holidays… sweet…

S. Sanders, Sydney

My wife never wanted me to invest in a membership with Freedome-1 Pty Ltd, she thought it was gambling. She has no problem spending the money now. Thanks for the opportunity to help my wife believe in me again.

J. Kee, Melbourne

I’m thrilled to be a member, I started small because I didn’t have much to invest, oh how things have changed, I love never having to say ‘I can’t afford it’ ever again. Blessed life!

L. Lewis, Darwin

I had to see it to believe it, I understood how big the industry was, I knew that people were making money, I just didn’t know how to do it myself, I had no clue where to start. I joined up with some hesitation I might add, I was a skeptic, but as the old saying goes, at first I was blind, but now I see. It works because of the awesome power of compounding. Thank you Freedome-1 Pty Ltd, you guys rock!

C. Brownless, Perth

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this membership. I was so broke I had to use my credit card to get started. I thought I was on my way out, now I have paid all my debts off and can finally shop again guilt free. Oh and I booking my first ever trip to paris this summer, can’t wait. My only regret is I never got started sooner.

R. West, Brisbane

If I could kiss you guys I would, I have never been able to purchase my own home till now, it took me less than 12 months to get my deposit by being a member of Freedome-1 Pty Ltd. I am finally a home owner, and am using my next return to purchase an investment property, two words: Blown Away!

E. Edwards, Hobart

Download the brochure to see the results